New Foundation Christian Fellowship (NFCF)

When God Has Selected You

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Have you ever desired to attend a church of fellowship that is more interested in helping you build a relationship with God instead of sharing their religious ideas of God?  

Have you ever desired to fellowship on Sunday morning with people from all walks of life, where each person is celebrated for their uniqueness and not turned away because of their differences?  

At New Foundation Christian Fellowship we are a progressive minded people and we proudly proclaim the self-worth and uniqueness of each human.  We know God to be LOVE and for us that is enough!

Church phone:  602.348.0819

Meeting Place: The Rock, 4129 N 7th Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Meeting Time: 11 AM 

From the 7-15-12 bulletin:

The Grace of Jesus Christ has been a dividing line within the Christian "movement" for many centuries.  The accusation has been made that "grace" oriented ministries have given Christians approval to break moral law.  However, the fact is that Christian living with this understanding of grace live no less "holy" than their sisters/brothers that rely on a works oriented gospel. A works oriented gospel relies heavily upon human effort, while a grace oriented gospel relies solely on the unmerited favor of God.  While some Christians spend much of if not all of their time working to secure their relationship with God others are spending an equal amount of time enjoying and sharing their relationship with God.  

From the 5-4-14 bulletin:

Please allow us a moment to tell you a little about our family.  New Foundation is Multicultural fellowship with a river of God's presence flowing through each of our services.  Each Sunday, our electrifying praise and our heartfelt worship lifts us beyond the heartaches and disappointments of life to an atmosphere of triumph and victorious living.  

In His Love, 

Senior Pastor: Bishop T.C. Jabowa Whitehead

Associate Pastor: Juan Morales

Associate Pastor: Cherry Akers

Our Mission:

The mission of New Foundation, is to equip “all” with the life changing news of the good news. 

We exist to bring people (female, male, straight, gay, trains, black, white and everyone in between) into a relationship with their creator without condemnation or judgement.  

We profess and believe that a relationship with God is essential to our human existence.  

While we believe that all are received in the beloved (Jesus), we believe that fellowship and teaching are essential to our growth, both in the spiritual and the physical. 

We believe with the new covenant teachers that faithfulness in all aspects of our journey is crucial to our survival and growth.  

We open our arms to “all” people, without exception.

We know God to be love, and for us, that’s enough.  

Please appreciate your pastor and all that he does to serve the Lord and you. We appreciate you pastor.  P.A.S.T.O.R

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